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My name is Sam Braithwaite. I am a part-time photographer, part-time musician, part-time designer, full-time procrastinator and it seems, by this latest venture into online fashion, I will literally do anything to not have to get a PROPER job.


Anyway, I'm over sharing. Welcome to my website. Help yourself to donuts.


I started off 'Samfuckintastic' as I wear a lot of T-Shirts and got bored of never being able to find what I wanted when shopping and, when I did finally find something, the prices were ridiculous and it was never exactly what I wanted. So I decided I would make them myself. And here we are. This site is a homage to all the things I love.


I've always been obsessed with all things ‘Cult’ and ‘Retro’. I watched far too much TV from an early age and have always been in love with movies and great music. Among my many passions, it's also suffice to say, I fucking love swearing and, to those that say it stunts your vocabulary, I would expostulate that although my proliferating lexicon of vulgarity knows no satiety, I would succinctly proclaim, 'Does it Fuck!'


I love designing stuff and, after dipping my toes into the water of running a 'print on demand' business with my ‘KÜNTT’ store last year, I decided I needed to branch out into other designs and decided to amalgamate it into 'Samfuckintastic' as a place for more designs, for a more diverse set of potential customers.


I hope to branch out into different items of apparel, prints and other stuff at some point but, for now, I'm keeping it mostly T-Shirts as there are already so many designs and I’m sure there will be many more to come.


So, please do me a favour and shop your tits off to help me turn this into something beautiful and, above all else, make sure I don't have to end up in another fucking dead end office job! No pressure!


Anyway, Gold Wings to ya' and go get that fuckin' credit card.


Thank You. Have a Donut.

How It Works

All the clothes are of very high quality, made using sustainable and ethical practices and use cutting edge 'direct-to-garment' printing for long-lasting colour and durability. There are a variety of styles, ranging from ‘Softstyle’, which are 100% ring-spun cotton and literally the most comfortable

T-Shirts you will ever wear; ‘Organic’, which are a little thicker, use 100% organic cotton; and ‘Classic’ style, that fall somewhere in between the two.


All of the items have a fast turnaround so, once you buy it, you will receive a confirmation email and be informed when it's packed and sent, with an estimated time of arrival. We use a fast and reliable delivery service that will have your package on your doorstep in just 3-5 days (unless otherwise stated).


I want this venture to be a two-way conversation. So, if you have an idea or project in mind, or you're looking to make a one-off present for a special someone, get in touch and I'll see what I can do. I’ll then upload it onto the site and you can buy it from there, easy squeezy, cheesy peasy!

Well done. Have another Donut.

My name is Chungo
and I make the Donuts.

I also like to dance.

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